Cat Food & Litter

Give your cat all the goodness it needs

Cats generally lead an active life, so feed them a complete cat food that provides all the nutrients and vitamins they need to chase after mice, climb trees and explore their surroundings.

Our complete cat foods give your cat a balanced diet, as they are full of nutrients, minerals, protein, fibre and carbohydrates.

We stock Supacat cat food that caters for everday requirements and preferences.

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Supacat cat food for every type of cat with every type of appetite.

Keep your cat healthy and clean with our range of complete cat foods and cat litter

Supacat Complete Cat Food with Chicken & Duck

10 Kilo Bags £19.50

5 Kilo £10.50

1.5 Kilo £3.50

Sanicat Classic Cat Litter

30 Litre Bags £9.50

  • Non Clumping
  • High Quality Granuels
  • Effective Absorption 
  • Naturally Controls Odours

Sophisticat Beauticat Cat Litter

30 Litre Bags £9.50

  • Non Clumping
  • Wiid Pelleted 
  • Ultra Absorbent
  • Pine Fresh Fragrance

Sanicat Antibacterial Cat Litter

25 Litre Bags £10.00

  • Non Clumping
  • Fights Bacteria
  • Superior Odour Control

Cat Litter Best Pets Wood Based

30 Litre Bags £9.50

  • Non Clumping 
  • Wood Pelleted 
  • Ultra Absorbent 

Cat Litter Best Pets Lightweight

30 Litre Bags £9.50

  • Sepiolite Granuels
  • Quickly Absorbs Moisture
  • Controls Unwanted Odours

Compressed Shavings

Pack £3.50