Wild Bird Food

Make your garden a haven for wild birds

If you are proud of your garden and would like to attract wild birds to visit it, then you need to give them something they need and want. You need to offer them quality wild bird food.

We at Pets Direct can help you to have a garden that is a paradise for wild birds with the use of our specialist wild bird food. This food contains all the nutrients to give wild birds plenty of energy.

They'll keep coming back for more, bringing movement and vitality to your garden.

Attract Birds to your Garden with Wild Bird Food from Pets Direct

Bring colour and movement to your garden with your wild bird foods.

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Premium Wild Bird Food

20 Kilo Bags £16.50      5 Kilo Bags  £5.00


Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Naked Oats, Yellow Millet, Black Sunflowers, Red Millet, Safflower, Red Dari, Sunflower Hearts, White Dari, Canary Seed, Pinhead Oatmeal, Kibbled Peanuts, Japanese Millet, Hempseed, Flaked Wheat, Panicum Millet & Nyjer Seed.

Robin & Songbird Wild Bird Food with Insects

15 Kilo Bags  £17.50      5 Kilo Bags  £6.50


Mealworms, Chopped Peanuts, Sunflower Hearts, Small Seeds & Insects.

Contains NO WHEAT

Wild Bird Whole Peanuts

25 Kilo Bags £29.00      5 Kilo Bags  £7.00

Simply place our wild bird on a bird table or within a dedicated bird feeder hanging from a tree, in fact anywhere that is accessible to the birds. You'll have them feeding in no time.

Wild Bird Fat Balls

We also offer Fat Balls for wild birds. These high energy feeding solutions can be broken up or mixed with other wild bird food or left on their own. Wild bird fat balls are great for providind birds with energy in the winter and as a strenghthener for chicks and fledgelings.

Small Fat Balls Pack of 10       £1.50

1/2 Box (50) Small Fat Balls     £7.00

Box of 100 Small Fat Balls     £13.50


Large Fat Balls Pack of 4         £3.50

1/2 Box (10) Large Fat Balls     £8.50

Box of 20 Large Fat Balls       £16.50

Bucktons Sunflower Hearts

20 Kilo Bags £32.00